The Eclipse


A total solar eclipse can be frightening to people who are unaware of their astronomical explanation, as the moon blocks the Sun, it seems to disappear in the middle of the day and the sky darkens in a matter of minutes.

The Eclipse

How does the Sun feel when the moon takes his place?

When the world says they need him, but can’t look at his face…

When they don’t let him close because they fear that they will burn

The Sun, the only Sun, - can’t let his heart grow cold…

He was told that he was loved – He was told to give you light

He was told that he was needed – but was told to stay out of sight

He was told not to shine as bright as he could shine,

Because the one he wants to see him, would make her love go blind.

So kind and so gentle – does the world prefer the moon?

Would they rather have the cold, silent, Rock where love can’t bloom?

The Rock that causes children to fear the darkened room,

The Rock that won’t give life – that won’t give love – will be her tomb…

But every day she tells the Sun with you is where I want to be

And every night – so many nights – the moon is who she see’s

If the two ever met – what do you think will be?

Would it be the end of the world? Would the land be swallowed by the sea?

Maybe the world feel’s that the Moon would cool the Sun…

But they don’t comprehend that Him and God are one….

And to think the light could be destroyed by the dark is not His plan

But she can’t believe in her heart what her mind can’t understand….

The Sun, the only Sun, can’t let his heart grow cold…

Too many need his warmth, Too many feel his soul.

Its funny how quickly the night can steal from her the day,

And the only time she can see the Sun is when the Moon stands in its way


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