Yesterday's Offer

The Soul's Journal

I can't help but think about about yesterday's offer

A potential chapter of my memory with you as the author

The thought in my mind was to regretfully decline

But my spontaneous thoughts felt it was the right time

I didn't expect a move from you - a woman of your word

But i know myself, impulsive me, my lesson's never learned

And my eyes will burn, memorize and learn, every crevice of your shape

I'll try not to touch, but want to so much my lips will start to shake

It will start discreet, I'll rub shoulders and feet and find that I'm not content

Garments will come down

And my lips will have found

Every spot.

Every mound.

Every dent.

The freak that I am, will open your hands, to admire my African roots

You'll probably be suprised, by it's weight, by it's size

And the way that it talks back to you

The hands that once searched, lift you up off the earth; we'll give life to the walls and the floors

On top --

From behind --

Forgetting time, forgetting pride, our rhythm only makes us want more

.....But I hope you'll understand, that I'm only one man, If divided I cannot be whole

If circumstances were different, I could show you the image, of the passion that defines my soul.

This is not an attempt, a promise or threat, or my mind saying "Take her if you want her"

I just thought I'd express, as I sit here and rest, I was thinking about yesterday's offer

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