The Soul's Journal

When my faith is depleted,

And my person feels cursed,

He gives me tribulation to show me things could be worse.

Never knowing, but just feeling, that his presence is there,

Pushing me to do better, but I seem so unaware.

I hope and I pray that he plans to bring me home,

After my short stay on earth, on earth, so alone.

Then why so, am I determined, to disobey his will?

Like a child, so impatient, compelled not to sit still.

Please God take away my past, and wash away my malice,

Prepare my bed, to lie down, in your everlating palace

Show me wrong, show me right, show for what I should stand

And if I stray sometimes, remember, I'm still a good man

Show me how to love you, so I can show my brethren

So they can show the world, and we can all show up in heaven

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