The Mind's Journal

Stickin and movin- dime pieces peep how I pick em/choose em'

Flippem dick em ridicilous- get em used to oozin

------- Motion sickness gottem sick from movin

And sick of choosin dudes that use em but don't stick it to em

It's to confusin when you doin screwin every human

But if you thick and digg the movementthen you fit for fusion

It's Stu Pickles the sickest since sickle cell met siffilous

Live for the moment the minute I get it - got it - Finished!

Fuck if you feel me cuz' feelin me ain't feedin me fetti

Fuck you foreal if you fakin fucka believe me/bet me

You can king me but can you check me?

It gets messy, bet my check you regret you met me

Like Presley I got you all shook up-you look up-you see me-

Now you no longer look tuff

Changin facial expressions I'm rappin dangerous sessions

Famous - I'm finally restin

Game is my time-investment

You can rewind it/search it

Try to define it perfect

Divide it/Times it/Then minus the times you tried to purchase

I rest my case and close it

Rappin - I make it/mold it

Bake it and break it open

No hope - I can't control it

                       (Verse 1)

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