The Soul's Journal

There's 2 sides to every story

The one you hear and the one you see,

My story's kinda different,

'cus both sides belong to me

Half of my life in the country,

Half of my life in the slums

Always different,

Always half-of-something, Never just considered one.

"Nigger Baby" "Whiteboy", those names never hurt

Never really being accepted is what always made things worse

To Black women I'm not a real "nigga", And White women clutch their purse

I'm not sure if it's a blessing, but I'd hate to call it a curse.

I love my Mother and my Father, but they could never be

My Pops is too proud and My Moms is too naive.

But the White side of me, for some reason, was never claimed

Don't get me wrong, I love my family,

and I'm not at all ashamed

But the plain fact is, you never really can be both

And it wasn't really a choice, never decided, I just know.

But I feel like such a Bigot, how could any choice be right

It's impossible to be Black and impossible to be White

This is my Yin/Yang.

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