"Cursed Generation"

The Soul's Journal

This world is depressing, can you blame me for blessings

I quit searching for the answers for alot of my questions

Visions of winning contradicted by sinning with women

I know they' foul but tell myself that they have cinnamon in them

And to my generation sinning is living, forgetting morals and religion and living as venom

Don't get it twisted, I got love for my brothers and sisters, but love for riches aint' worth the price of heavens admission

I'm not preaching , I'm just exercising my gifts

I no there's no reaching the end of bottomless pits

Look at the map of life, see where you're heading

Your facing north but walking in a southern direction

Niggaz are simple all they want is a nut from erections

Living like pimples, if they bust then they feel they're effective

Women are simple all they want is attention and freedom

It's silly, but if you're willy', they might let you mistreat'em

Children are different- some never get to find out that they're gifted cuz' their parents were children that never learned to listen

I talk to older folks- Do you know what they say?

Kids wasn't raised this way back in my day

When hard times would hit all the families would pray

Now there's only 1 way -- 1 answer -- gunplay

We used to go to church on consecutive Sunday's

But to yall Sunday is like just some day

OOOHHHH CHILD! Things is gonna get worse, I hate to say it,

Your whole generation is cursed

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