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The Mind's Journal

Now that I've introduced me

With written rhymes on loose leaf

It'd be best if you' protected from my lyric oozie

I rap in riddles like bibles on earth our time is little

you want the answers talk to God after the cancer kill you

Maybe I'm just misguided

And lie to try to and hide it

But understand that I could only use what was provided

These streets will try to blind you

Don't try to do what I do

Being focused bring you close to finding what inside you

I write my rhymes in darkness - away from the world I'm harmless

But with the hatred harnessed I unleash the total carnage

Not something that I'm proud of

Really I want it out of...

But my ego and my concious keep each other challenged

So I keep it silent as opposed to being violent

Live my life realizing I can't back my mileage

They say I'm gifted - but listen - sometimes I feel I'm cursed

Life is priceless but some people live a life of purchase

They worship money : sacred wallets and righteous purses

They make me feel discouraged when I sit and wright my verses

I spoke to The Leader

I asked him for a breather

Quit smoking reefer now I'm posted catching cabin fever

Love is my inspiration

It has my dedication

When I'm sick of all this hatred it's my medication

Dis it or learn to love it

And dubb it for the public

Try to restrain it and change it my message turns to rubbish

Look at our situation

It's nation vs. nation

Look at our mental battles

It's patients vs. satan

Now when you hear it clutch it

But if you fear it fuck it

Fearing the future means nothing cus' we're to near it touch it

This is my final chapter

There is nothing after

I need a couple answers

I need to chop it up with pastors

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