20/20 Vision (Song)

The Mind's Journal

There's been alot on my mind lately,

I got voices in my head that said they wanna violate me

I pray when i wake up, and go to sleep, even pray when i sit to go to eat

I still feel like an ingrate,

I've been blessed with a gift to spit rhymes that my pen make.

I could have been an inmate,

I could have grew up around phoney niggas and been fake.

I thank God for my freedom,

I thank God for my people and being able to see' em

But when the day comes to take me, I wonder will i have done enough for him to ever thank me

Friend or foe, bitch or hoe, rich or po',

it's got me sick of flows, sick of gold, sick of goals

I too tired to think, I can't open my eyes i'm too tired to blink

I can't sleep, I keep to myself, unless i see my peeps or somebody I felt

People lookin like devils, faces turning into demons, whats the reason and meaning for the things that I be dreamin

They say seeing is beliving, I can't belive what I'm seeing


22 years of age, i got 22 strands of hair that turn grey

Living in this world of games, dames with no brains, lames filled with rage - niggas untamed

When i think about the earth it hurts, so i search for verse

Never search for hearses and don't curse in churches

but still I'm pickin up bad habits, fuckin bitches jack-rabbit

smokin spliffs havin mad cabbage,

Man i cheif so much it hurts breathin, by the time I make it up the steps I'm coughin and wheezin

and that's the least of my pain

cuz that type of shit is normal for this day and age

It's tryin me to maintain my sobriety

and I agree life can be a bitch full of irony

I'm tired of trying to see with my blurred vision,

I'm havin brain tissue and bad nerve collisions

ain't no dismissin the descions I made who am i kiddin,

not you - not me - not everybody done did it

forget it the fire under my ass I lit it, i admit it

from hard livin i get inspired and spit it

bitches niggas wit glitchjes - i'm trippin they fingers itchin - they flippin and grippin pistols - and bustin niggas like pimples - oxidatin the nation - blocks is blazin erasin -who got the patients to tame 'em - who got to pay to replace 'em - who take interest in waht I'm sayin - who fake listen cuz they payin - hatin, prayin niggas don't do something amazin' - who do i gotta sock for respect - pull a glock or tech - pop'em and step to the left - droppin my head

Do you think God doesn't exist cuz ya life's fucked up

Who you think beat them odds when ya life lucked up

Who you think keep you strong when times get tough

Who's gonna take you in his arms when ya life lines up

I like to think that hell doesn't exist,

and stories about fire and devils aint nothin but myths,

but it says in the bible that your going if your liable to disobey God's word and turn suicidal

Niggaz be askin me, Stu, what is blasphemy?

It's like a wound that you couldn't heal w/ Aspercreme

I think about the things i used do when i was "stupid"-

the times i blew it knew was hard and still tried to do it - i'd be off fluid - thinkin is it really worth it to lose it, and if its gone can i get it back and do i have to face the music

Lifes on lay away - high priced is what its costin - take a loan in a bank from Boston just to but a coffin

Cuz you couldn't afford it - pregnancies aborted - condoms, colors assorted - do you really think you'll be rewarded? - for commiting deadly sins and the way that you ignored 'em - your body is buried now tell me where's your soul reportin?

missin in action , I'm tellin I'm not askin

get your life together for you find it in the past tense

only fear God, scared men can't win - broken commandents consequences make your head and hair spin

the brass ring touch it - hold it to your heart - clutch it

temptation and evil, you got to rise above it

a buckket that was kicked by half my family got me dusted

so alcohol i drunk - fucked up crunk and blunted

i've been through hard times but the sun always shines

either on a dog's ass or on fine women's thighs

these are the things that i've seen through my high-tinted eyes

or even sober mind got me - wantin - not knowin why -

If you're slow then my pro flow message gonna blow on by

got questions? i'll address them if i don't know i'll try

the mark of the beast got us fiendin and schemin

if seein is believing i can't believe what i'm seeing

(I can see clearly now the rain is gone)

ad lib out

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