dont say enough...

lies, defeat, betrayel. I used to write about my pain, and suffering, right now im drawing a blank.  did i finally leave go of all my hate? have i got nothing left to say? theres alot wrong in this world. theres alot of fucked and twisted things out there.. alot of children dying, racisiam, poverty, even our own own government rapes us.. why am i having trouble writing about this fucked up world.. I can open the eyes of many..maybe its not my calling.. maybe i've hit a wall.  i could be like the king of this generation.. or lennon, or like a white malcom x.. i can tell you that our government fucks us everyday.. anti-terrisom its what we see when turning on the tv. but what you dont see is how america really is the biggest terroristic group in the world.  media whats not being sold in the u.s... immagration control.. before i say anything. remember who you are and where you came from.. theres an oil shortage yet we refuse to drill our own.. instead we spill the blood of hundreds of thousand innocent women and childern..blood money the same money we spend on thousands of rapest and killers, millions spent each day to keep them locked away.  step out on the streets.. you may not like what you see. a little girl with nowhere to go, a twelve year old boy with "ICE" on his mind and a gun in his hand. the family from under the bridge..  you remember that slut from school? who got pregnet and droped out at 14? what you really dont know is she was a good child a virgin unlike many. until her father raped her.. drugs there everywhere. be drug free. thats what they say.  but we all know thats easyer said then done.  wake up and look around. its not the pimps that are selling it. goverenment wants drug control. the ability to control drugs. they use it, to start wars, they make billions each year. they dont want to stop it.. they want to embrace it. stop being blind, wake up and face it..

i think i made a point now. maybe i got more to say then i think  however I must be careful of what i say, or you will see my face on the t.v. but by then it will be to late.  they deliveried me to my fate.  but as i lay there in my grave my only regreat is that i didnt say enough..

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