What I've Been Missing

when i look back

through the days of my life

the years just rool on

as forgiveness i strive

the elements i've touched

so fragile with breath

i've lost my respect

what's left is my death

waiting for th emoment

for him to take me away

i know he is watching

i know i cant stay

what i have come to see

has warmed my empty heart

love for me and mine

never torn apart

no mroe tears

will i have to cry

no more depression

i wont say goodbye

i've been missing

quite so much

the warmth of your smile

the lenght of your touch

i've been missing

the look in your eyes

when you look into mine

my sadness slowly dies

i've been missing

the love i have lacked

i have your heart now

i wont give it back

the key to mine

is in your smile

dont lose it baby

cuz i love your style

i've been missing

whats been here all along

i did not see it til now...

please dont tell me its gone

i've been missing

that certain love

its my upper hand

my help from above

i love you baby

from my entire soul

please dont break me baby

lets let our love unfold

By: Tia Marie Thompson

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