Have You Ever?

Have you ever felt like you were stuck?

Stuck between a rock and a hard spot

Life was fine and perfect til reality struck

It's like having no place to turn or anyone there

Have you ever cried over nothing at all?

or felt unwanted and used everyday

With noone there to catch you if you fall

Waiting for your life to change for the better

Have you ever felt like you really were alone?

With noone in the world having a care about you

When I think of it I get a chill through my bones

I guess the world really is that cold

Have you ever loved so deep, you could never let go?

Ever dreamt of him while he was right there next to you?

ever felt like if you fantasized about him he would know?

Had the butterflies everytime you heard his voice?

Have you ever felt like he was all you could live for?

He is all you want to wake up for?

Every morning be staring at his beautiful soul

Lying right there beside you

I do love, and I do live

The secret to actually live is to love

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