Scattered Persons

And in those busy nights,

Free of mind,

So blissful it is to bathe in time

Rather than suffer it. 


And so far I've come

And so far to go,

But in all that I am now

I do not know who I want to be.


For such brilliant people surround me,

With kind minds and stunning souls.

And so lost of grounding it is

To see such rigidly good people. 


To get lost in stories of lives

Tragic and whole,

There are so many lives I crave to fill

But none I strive towards. 


And to be good is grand

But to be spectacular is wanting

Of all the traits of brilliance

Without the loss of flaws. 


Crave the best and fear the worst.

Stand tall and unsure. 

Don't fret for what will become of you,

It will arrive all the same. 

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