The Flaws That Are Irrelevant

Be anchored down to reality by possibilities of detriment.
Threats of indefinite inexistence tantalise,
And give weight to monotonous sanity.
This world is not mine, I am unable to subscribe,
To the commonplace acceptance of unimportant trepidations.
When long term concerns infect short term irrelevancies,
Be concerned for your presence in this life.
The inability to question one's accumulative influence
Makes for a successful, deluded stay.
But when you seek answers from dreary eyed livers,

You have condemned yourself.

Drown your thoughts in concoctions taboo.
Ones that tear your insides but impede your logic.
Necessity is irrelevant and when dependence is prevalent.
Cause issues to neutralise oblivion.
Wallow in poor health, for fear of revelation.
Yet detach from normality.
The price to pay for this crippling cynicism.
The act of mimicking what you despise,
Will surely be one's downfall.
Come to realise your intent
Of never feeling content
And extricate from this life once more. 

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