The Substitutions That Suffice

Refract the light off your dilated pupils;

Contract your extroversion.

Expand on the ideas riddling your head

That detracts from this social conversion


It’s not impurities that have travelled the way,

It’s the infection of something human.

The light that forms around the intoxicating contours,

Gives meaning to the common confusion.


Ween yourself off considered poor habits

With the aid of a kind of muse.

Lay open with the words not usually uttered,

But don’t question the use of your truths.


This split second of thought

Threatens intent,

Gives consideration new meaning

With the hope of content.

But over-thinking such things

Pressures to lament

The dissatisfaction from hope

In the desire of success;

The you, you wish to present


But maybe, if lucky

You will start to observe,

Facades are not needed

Few times to reserve

What you consider you.

It seems to be enough,

Do not induce an image

For the purpose of seeming tough.


So now just bide time.

Success is spasmodic.

Do not hold hope.

It is episodic.

Just quietly wish

That they are able to see,

The countering of cynicism

That slowly corrects me.

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