The Build Up to Demolition

The coil that's taught at the close of each day,

That begs to be softened, unclenched.

Alleviate the strength that clasps tighter

And lay weak in vulnerability.


You are you, built for years.

Do not deface what you have made,

It will help but throw you deep.

Distinguishing detachment of

Determined dispositions.


We will find out what presses us

If you will care to know.

But please ask, if I will tell.

The discomfort is popular, common

Yet unique to each.

I am not justified

To experience this luxury.

Yet tell me otherwise.

For fears of melting into monotony

Of the brain I have built.

Don't let it be in vain. 


Soften the tightness

Or the coil will snap

And intricacies will deteriorate

Into harmful tsunanimous 

Shows of unrepresentative truth.


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