Mister Memory

Greetings mister memory

I see you creeping back

Slow and constant on your tip toes

Trying to find a place in my open spaces

And you compliment me on my many faces

And fill those empty voids that have become so common

And I see you mister memory trying your best

Trying hard to lay new tracks

Trying so hard to erase wretched memories

Trying eagerly to bring that old thang back

And I can’t deny that I feel you tugging on my heart strings

I feel that energy that you’re trying your best to send me

And I feel it in every vibration of your voice

And if I had a choice mister memory

Things just might be different for us you see

But dear mister memory our past is past

And had it not been…

You wouldn’t be you and I wouldn’t be me.

Robyn V. Evans


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