Glass Houses

People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones

Nor should they toss rocks or catapult boulders

Like they don’t see themselves

The last time I checked, when light hits glass

Be just right or just wrong, it still has some reflective properties

And it just amazes me that when people do wrong

They’re quick to say how you messed up there day

And how you shouldn’t have done what you did

To make what they did happen, ‘cause if it wasn’t for you

You wouldn’t have made them do what they do

So now, they can’t talk to you because they threw that rock

That messed up they house

And now they need time in hopes that you’ll forget about

Exactly why and when they threw that rock

That ultimately messed up their spotless glass house

And instead of trying to pick things up

Let’s tip toe around broken glass, cause if we pick it up and throw it out

Then that mean we’d have to let it go and then years down the road

When they need something to throw in your face they're gonna have this old glass

Just to show you how wrong you were for making them throw

And in the meantime, they’ll make up some cleaner to wash their windows

Usually made by words of vinegar and lemon juice

Cause they’re still mad, but let me act like I ain’t mad at you

So they’ll say things they don’t mean and don’t mean what they say

In sarcastic tones people throw stones then try to wish me a happy belated birthday

And to this I just sit back and pick my pebbles up

For I’ve carried them to you so that you can know

I didn’t try to throw them from across the street; I thought I’d let you know

I didn’t feel it proper for someone else to skip my stones for me

Anything I had to say was said to you, by me

People in glass houses in the end try to make it about

How it’s all about you and now it’s about how they need time to work things out

Like for some reason you were the thing in their life that wasn’t letting everything pan out

So if your house is glass and most of ours usually are

Be careful of what you say, glass doesn’t fly far

And when wounds are created and left ignored,

Limbs usually end up infected, amputated, and left in surgical jars.

Robyn Evans

© 2004

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