you used to love

i remember when you used to act right,

you know when we first met,

when the days were too long and

the nights weren’t long enough

and now right is wrong and

these tired ass days are predictable

and nights, well they’re just a sad song.

i remember when you used to want me

and it was real, when you missed me

and you told me, when you thought of me

you showed me, and now

real is fake and I have to wonder

if you miss me these days and

the thought of you thinking of me,

well that’s an even bigger mystery.

i remember when you used to

do little things out of the blue

that made me glad that

the man i’d found was you

and now those little things are

non-existing and, oh, another thing,

special occasions don’t last long

and are not rectifying.

i remember when you had this

enduring passion, not just for me

but for life everlasting and

now you seem buried alive,

a vision of some horror story…

with this i pray with God’s glory,

a new breath in your life,

everything to make all wrong right

to bring dark to light…

to expose more love to your life.

Robyn V. Evans

© 2002


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