You told me to do it

I knew why and I came

I didn't know you well and here he is

You know him and you ask him

I'm dismissed and humiliated

Don't cast me the villain


Everyone's quiet 

Looking at the memorial through lenses and screens

Their trash in the pictures


We always want to be the generation that destroyed it all

Progress and evolution of man wiped cars


You lock the doors

I'm exposed naked in a subway turnstile

Vomiting and freezing; spinning and bleeding


You can laugh and smile

You can be as direct as possible

The people you hate are a reflection of your own flaws


Years and nothing said

A fire left unattended burns oil

It burns out or destroys the house


What was lost in disconnect


Ten minutes ago you could see the entire horizon

Purple velvet left the dusk

The first few stars


I'm prepared

You question

I answer

You smile

I smile but stay silent

I laugh through my teeth

You were great


Amazing, phenomenal, insane

Everything amazing

You were, it was

Thank you


Thin air snaps visible breathing

Coats and arms and hair

Heads shoulders knees and toes



She's screaming

They smile

Shows over


We judge others on their actions

And ourselves by our intentions

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