We live going through crosses and marks

Tearing pages and collecting a life

collecting papers and phrases writing papers

collecting papers

lit in a warm light cast in shadows

we put on the blinders

We watch the GPS

Crude outlines of a living

We fill ourselves with talk and movement

We avoid collisions

painted in granulated paste


-heat exposed, oil and pigments and ash, fluorescent buzzing, pinging, the lot and stone draining, static cloth and a TV screen shock and flicker -


Caked in ashes

Avoiding collision

Watching the GPS

Watching the cars

Getting to buildings to lunches

Never a second thought

Pale in passing its not important

Let's fill our time and call it a life

The world is fact

And we acknowledge deceit in ego

Caught in intentions and blamed for actions

We lie and steam over reflections of flaws

Crossing out and marking our days

16, 74, 30, 166,

A lifetime piled in a waste bin

Days crumpled into balls and thrown into a collection of ashes

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