Deafening silence and the flooding ring of silence

                                  My brain is frying

                                  Ping ping ping ping ping ping

                                                                          Death is not an escape

                                                                         It is not a short cut

                                                                          Death is romanticized

Our trips downtown

When I feel like you open up

When I feel like I can trust you

                                  Leaving me with my thoughts

                                  Side 1 has ended turn disc over to side 2

                                  Side 3 is a lie

                                                                          Death never leaves  you

                                                                          It rots then stains your life

                                                                          Feeling like life is wasted on you

I can't

Trust you

You're a narcissistic asshole

                                 Silence is killing me

                                 You make me late for responsibility

                                 Stop judging me

                                                                           Life is wasted on me

                                                                           Death is greedy

                                                                           Leaving shit to run the carnie

You tell me all your baggage

The spiel is down

Pills vodka and addiction

                                    It is

                                    It is a pussy

                                    Speak up

                                                                          No more

                                                                          Angels come with a blue night

                                                                          a blue knife

But I can't trust you

I can't tell you:

                                        Time goes on,

You'll be 20 in September,

Distances numbs, muting pain

                                                               You'd be 19 in October,

                                         There will be light,

You're a sophmore in college,

                                         The stains of permanence,

                                                               You'd be a freshmen,

                                          Fade with distance and memory,

                                          Never gone, Still moving,

                                          Mute, numb, distance.

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