(Verse one)

mama I miss you

missin ridin on da weekends/

grocery shoppin. movie watchin

then it all gets all deep when/

we move back to da C/O

bad news came creepin

kemo starts, u gets worst

I really didn’t want you leavin

but no worries, best I knew

cause all it take is some believin

Christ lord Jesus, he swept u off feet and

I broke down, heart so cold, I couldn’t take u goin home

I felt so all alone, damn I didn’t want you leavin


even though you’re not here physically

I keep my head up, your in my heart mentally

ill never say good-bye

ill c-ya later, peace out, ill see you when I get there

but in my heart you’re still right here

(after 2X)mama I miss you

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