You're my father

How can you not see me as you once wanted to be seen?
So mad at your own father that instead the blame is me.
I feel hurt, scared, and abandonment.
You take away my confidence.

How do I trust you when you break what you say?
I'm being cheated out of truth every night and day.
I'm not the only one to suffer.
Those smaller, THEIR dreams also buffer.
They wait for you.

With such a knowledge of what not to do why be the hypocrit?
You tell me how good I am, yet by my wants you do not sit.
I made a promise to a friend,
And now they their trust will from me recind.
Through it I love you
But not what you do.

I haven't lead myself on about all these events.
You're a factor.
I can't just ignore your indiference.
You're my father.
Why don't you care?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I have just been through another dilemma with my dad. He is preventing me from going to something I had already gotten approval on. My brother in law even paid for everything. But now it's cancelled, because my father feels that if something happens like this once it will happen again and again. Appaently even though I'm a high-school student who is doing college in highschool and has just aced finals, I'm not allowed to celebrate. I'm mad because he has broken my trust yet again. It hurts more this time because I was beginning to think he had changed. That he would be different than he now is. But I'm mistaken.

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