Why do things end this way?

I'm halfway between the truth and the lies
You find me while I'm in a comfortable place
Who I am I don't want to despise
But I'm stuck between my head and outer space

I don't know how to contain
The immeasurable feeling I can't explain
When I see you there by my side
Finally I know, I don't have to hide.

Why did you pick me out of the crowd
When I'm so human and nothing better
But then you rejected me nothing loud
Revamped happiness, now just bitter

I don't know how to contain
The terrible feeling I can't explain
When I saw you there on my side
My conscience fades, my thoughts collide

When did I become so blind
So foolish and attached to nothing
Where I should be searching something
Someone who can calm my mind

So now I walk without assurance
I don't know who to trust
I don't know where to find endurance
Because I fell victim, to lust

I can honestly and finally contain
This loathing I know how to explain
Now I'll find someone else for my side
So I don't get swallowed by lustful pride

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this very recently. I never entered an official relationship with this girl, but made made me think that we had a relationship. I've learned an unhappy, unfortunate lesson that I hope I'll never forget.

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