The War With Myself

Streaming vaporous amusement
Flows through the sky
As I start to wade into battlement
Hoping I don't die

War is running a mock through
The muscle coming up my leg
Turmoil stops me from going to
The den of the enemy brig

Courage fights the fear
Of being taken over by ice
Territory of enemies shear
Pricks of cold bravery the price

Overtaken with being scared
I go back to the hypocrite space
But with a smile to be shared
I've beaten my record on pace

Shivering but rallied up
Not trudging but announcing
That I drank most the filled cup
Destination reached by living

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this one with lots of metaphor. I tried to go for something less subtle, and more exciting than struggling to get into the water at lake tahoe and mostly failing at it. It was sad because the rest of my family could get in almost instantly and they'd be fine.