“The feeling that only we know”


Once upon a time

I was down upon my knees

Praying and imagining for you to discover me

I imagined you long ago and I am now sold

That it was destiny that brought us together

High above

The moon shines down on those cold and lonely nights

Those were the nights were we didn't have each other

Those nights when we needed each other

But now your eyes take me in

To that soul I want to mend

Now only your smile needs to shine because

We have each other on those warm and lovely nights

Your skin is so warm and it melts these eyes that are glazed on you

Temperature rises and this feeling is so insatiable

Because I only need you

How precious are your eyes and oh how they reveal your soul

That precious soul and that precious heart of yours

I will always hold onto them because they're worth more than the world

Nothing compares to when your lips meet mine in the battlefield of love

We will travel to new lands but we will never lose each other

I will always be your shoulder to cry on when you need to move on

So long as you keep smiling, you will keep this generator of my heart running

My beautiful darling

Never give up and never surrender and always be bright

For you are my wish upon a bright star

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