"Forced Upon My Will"


A windy day

I was forced upon my will

To help a friend that I loved

So many days I am sick

Why couldn't I be in a warm bed on that day?

Desperate for so long

Wish upon a star or asteroid

I just wanted someone real

Someone to have and hold for me

Wish came true but be careful what you wish for

For what you wish for can come at the wrong time

Love is always on the right time

But pain never is

Instant chemistry

You were a treasure that I found

The pain in your eyes

The honey on your lips

The sweetness you hold that you could not taste

I did not desire this in a time of cross roads

A new wind called my name before love found me

Commitment is key but stubbornness cannot be unlocked

How could a heart be broken when love will never leave?

I am sorry for entering your life when real love from me is all that you  ever needed

I am sorry for breaking your heart when I left before I ever loved you

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