"Go Away"


I'm on the floor now

Contemplating why

You hate me so much

I'm begging

I'm pleading

Why don't you just let me go now?

In peace, away in the sunlight

I try to reason

But you have the seeds of hate planted within

You held me back for so long

I cannot say a word

For you cannot reason

You refuse to understand my tongue

I am not a sick child

Grow from within and try to reach the stars

You say you love me but you do not show it

The sight of you is unbearable

Abused and raped my compassion

Am I so unlovable?

Are you that impossible?

Your love abandoned...a long time ago

I am not a baby needing mama's milk

Just looking for support without all of the effort

Burn my heart that was made for loving

And will it ever beat for you?

Burn this soul that was filled with compassion

Compassion I once had for you

Look in the mirror and see the monster

The monster you became

Reflect on those “traitors” and see that you let them go

Let them go a place where they cannot find you

In the morning pray

Pray to the God that will some day save you

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