"Spiritual Warfare"


As the sand drips, I know my time is up

Some people are in despair and don't know when their problems will be washed away

Am I selfish to say that I will snap now, if God doesn't take the pain away?

And as you grow up, there are endless lessons along the way

After you walk, you begin to run and learn what's right from wrong

And if wrong gives you temporary pleasure now, will you self destruct?

Or will you find a way out?

And if your wrongs are rights, will your demons torment you?

If you need to be in your warm safe place, and get away from the wickedness

Are your wrongs really wrongs?

Did you hurt someone along the way, are your wrongs really sins?

The sun, it lowers

Another day, another sun

A new beginning

So many innocent men accused, where is your justice Lord?

Yet I know, you don't owe me any answers

And if you are an individual and act different like all the rest

Will you feel bitter when they label you and cast you aside?

And if you are a Christian, and praise the Lord for comforting you

Will you be the only one to respect His word?

And if you are a Christian, are you ashamed of what has succumbed of the flag you salute?

Will you be the only one to respect His word?

Will you meditate on His Grace and Glory, or will worshiping your immoral culture make the devil laugh at you?

If I think before I change my life, will the consequences be too high?

If I tell that I truly love you, when I just met you now, will you be scared and fly away?

And if I submit to the darkness of my tribulations, will the devil laugh at me?

Yet I know the only path, I thank Him every single day

I will follow the right path, will the promise of His grace never leave me?

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