i just deleted the first few lines, i vowed not to delete these,
not worth the kilobyte of space, like a cold day and a colder breeze,
i don't know how to love, half the time i don't care,
neither do you, neither should you, neither of us have the second to spare,
a few of those, a few milliseconds, a few clock hands for years,
chilly inside and out, chilly like the pit of stomachs housing rational fears,
doubled over like the hopeless my desire slumps,
it's the night time, icy air like the rarest of distractions from the distractions,
ahhh breathe it in, it'll soon be over like the strongest of lung contractions,
i almost believe it, almost believe my ipod can keep me warm,
protect me from me, it, me, multiplied, leading the swarm,
i'm sore, from my ungratefully chaffed penis, to my larger leg muscles,
to my silly faux furred, interpersonally intellectual, philosophical tussles,
it's a cycle, i see it, dumbfounded like, hmm, what now,
i'll fix it, tantalizing teeny boppers, titillating wanna be tantric sex is how,
12% battery on the computer, eyes oscillate in and out of focus,
9% battery, go to sleep, escape from life's locus,
here we go; a beer maker's slogan and a loner's last words...

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