Friday night light dimming,
Salt though tears swimming,
12:13 in the a.m.,
Nibbling on the sore in my mouth, blood in the spittle,
That’s all it takes, emotions brittle,
Do the boo hoo,
Ego has the boo boo,
Through and through, about now wish I could board the airplane,
Get out of here, aerial view of my bare brain,
It’s another day, another night, another glance at the clock,
Bam, 5 minutes, bam, 5 more, bam, 50 years like it was a shock,
Spoiled, like a bad egg gone bad,
From this square, the only diamonds are plaid,
How do you not waste a life, how do you get the greater meaning kudos,
How do you believe the wonderful things, when all birthed from pseudos,
Bam, like that it’s 12:31 in the a.m.,
Mouth and the pink sore, throat and grey phlegm,
It’s chilly, but then I realize it’s always chilly,
The kind where wearing sweatshirts just looks silly,
When everyone is happy, what good is schadenfreude,
I can’t see their pain, invisible like a hemorrhoid,
I could be a lot less, but my parents invest with high risk,
It’s smoke and mirrors, it’s a return of the floppy disk,
Bam, 12:47 in the a.m., I just re-read those last few lines,
Surely wasn’t worth the 16 minutes each like mini land mines,
This stuff isn’t moving, I’m not moved either,
Nothing we don’t know, no need for a breather,
A human at the mail boxes, evidently she was sneezing,
It’s chilly, but it’s also freezing…

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