Aloe Vera Lone

You come, use up a little bit of earth, go,
A little trash, a little pollution, a little worthless show,
That’s life, operationally defined,
The cockroach, only slightly refined,
Others terribly annoying, each silly little laugh,
They’re an infection, an antibiotic resistant staph,
I’m jealous, I have no friends, getting them isn’t that simple,
They grow on you, fill with puss, and pop like a pimple,
Full moon out right now, full of spite and disgust,
The little devil, so healthy, so robust,
It’s about the chase, chase it all then kick the bucket,
God spills us, then kills us, a stray hair to pluck it,
People walk by, life trudges on regardless of the prognosis,
The moment is the mint, a lifespan the halitosis,
I’m bored, this is it, television exposed it all,
Make like a peeping tom in this petty existence: freefall…

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