So Dumb

hi, i was just skateboarding, got a charlie horse,
i don't understand it, like the code morse,
hate myself, hate you, hate love and hate hate,
young gothic kids, try hard to relate,
my disappointment in humanity, in god's eyes duller than bright,
who cares? i don't, not cathartic, don't know why this blah blah i write,
today sucks, tomorrow suck more, and more and more,
a little retail therapy is whats in store,
who, the, hell, cares?
devil down and dirty? god upstairs?
good try, that's god minus the o' factor,
vagina, the chase, all part of the great distractor,
charlie horse still lurking, hmm what's the medical term,
'muscle cramps,' that was about as anticlimactic as unreleased sperm,
let me rest for a minute, blah blah blahbehdeeblah blah blah,
that summarizes life, greater meaning lasts like ice in a spa,
what's the point? on point,
like the muscles cramping between each joint,
yay, i call things gay, fire off niggers and fags,
people take interest, brains made from the contents of barf bags,
the cool side of me used to live on Facebook, the awesome part on dating websites,
people believing the existence of heaven, a gracious god, is part of the their birth rights,
ranting and raving,
blah blah blahhhhhhhh, random number of h's, mons pubis shaving,
tattoos, appealing like stinky shoes, desirable like baby blues, stamped on 'lose-
my brain cells confer, calculate, crank out crazy calculations,
analysis: it's all a bunch of transient silly sensations,
sliding through life on a block of trans fat,
life: the cause of every man's existential spat...

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