Jet Puffed Bits

i don't have to imagine the images, there they are right,
appealing in such an unappealing, unseen sight,
dreams waft among the dust particles, collecting on my eye lashes,
they come and go, forgotten unlike recollecting gory car crashes,
stuck in the daily routine, work, recover, then it's back to work,
monkey wrenches, uninviting park benches, opportunities lurk,
in dark places, the mundane dangerous, the schedule un-malleable,
life tolerable while lit, bulb irreplaceable, til it dies un-tally-able,
the greater meaning, fabrications that work if you don't question,
the feasibility, actuality, likelihood, all toxic to a rationale's digestion,
the best explanation - that's just the way it is, it's not an explanation, it's an excuse, it's a fact,
things will get better you say - all predictions unfounded and by logic un-backed,
i'm done, time to skate again, the diurnal calls,
sunday, tomorrow job, it sustains as well as appalls...

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