sadness blinds me, sadly songs play in the background,
of life, of leisure, of labor, of the dismal dread coming back around,
all outlets already occupied by plugs, super glued and sucking power,
time heals, i stare at the clock, each second, each minute, each hour,
if i could kill, if i had the confidence i could escape unscathed,
a conscience alive and well, i'd kill to avoid the messes in i've bathed,
hopes rise like the hot air, hopes i despise - to the skies so far away,
someone kill me, i'm a coward, my presence the worst of every day,
if thoughts could act, if acts acted - outwardly unaffiliated with my being,
like the legless walking, the armless hugging, the eyeless seeing,
kill me MRSA, i taunt you daily, bloodless battles burning brightly,
footprints, ephemerally, my pitter patters pit and pat evermore lightly,
pain, blah blah blah, same garbage, same game, same gist,
i scream, no one hears, i cry, drain pipes burst unnoticed,
and that's the story, that's the chapter, that's the series,
sparks in the eye spawn hopes, falsehoods i fear these,
my life is so pointless, the difference is i see it, escape-less,
standing in the window facing it, hiding behind the drape-less,
hope inspires disappointment, hope inspires the myopic,
and that's the end of the story, the way it is, the final topic...

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