cold shivers, frigid rivers, alcoholic livers,
shit feelings tangible, tear ducts frangible,
hatred self, perched on hatred's shelf,
car towed, happiness slowed, sadness showed,
money earned, on trial never adjourned,
love life lingers less, dogged days in distress,
despise neighbors, time labors,
coping skills worthless, inspiration birth-less,
hatred again, hatred playpen, wonderful world never been,
most people pointless, like silly putty jointless,
the one for me where, neither here neither there,
the one, disappointment re-run, down the drain fun,
so tired, so wired,
so sickened endlessly, rigid like the bend-less be,
rigidly rapidly racing, void embracing, back steps tracing,
curling up inside, a passenger in this ride,
life careless, breathing the airless, a soulmate pair-less,
i don't know what to do, i never do,
i never complete the puzzle, blown away from the tip of the muzzle,
nodding in dread, due to the life i've led, due to the joy by me it's sped,
i'm going to burn myself now, burn the furrow off my brow,
for the point i search, bed bath beyond and church,
life upsets me, pain besets me,
people give up, to expectations don't live up,
hatred revisited, un-exquisite id, hope - farewell it bid...

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