life is funny, if you think hard enough - it's hilarious,
right when i think it's on track, it splinters so various,
love is there, then circumstance, and boom, poof,
gone, asking 'was it ever really there?' lacking proof,
a daze like a roofie, a cartoon like a goofy, chest rebels,
i'm always looking ahead, look back - the past only time tells,
music plays, others have genuine problems, are stricken,
desperately weighing outcomes, myself my choices will sicken,
hallucinating, seeing bricks in place of smoldering cardboard,
calling every support, choking myself with the telephone cord,
good grief, a terribly wonderful idiom,
missing the element, periodically on the table like iridium,
then comes the sinking feeling, the geese surface soon after,
an alcoholic, a poor life liver, a poorer relationship drafter,
the meaning builds, builds, builds and is bolstered,
then shattered, before the gun was even unholstered,
that's it in a nutshell, thousands of little nut shell pieces,
slicing into my feet skin creases, as i stomp on the embers,
heart a club without members, a diamond cutting a spade,
funerals come and go quickly, evading me the progress made...

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