Context Matters

“oh it matters. I don’t associate or affiliate myself with ignorant trash who bring innocent life into this world irresponsibly. And I sure as fuck don’t want to associate myself with those who approve of such sad lifestyles and indirectly support them by befriending those living them.”
Her response was ‘thanks..’ verbatim, that was it,
My best friend is trying, trying to make the puzzle piece fit,
I’m here, contemplating what the heck love is, what it might, what it should be,
My best friend, and yes through it all she’s stood by me,
But I want something else, not more, something, anything?
New girl, new love, waves proceed, waves recede, pendulums swing,
I’m looking for greater meaning, when I know it’s probably undiscoverable,
Recycle relationships, recycle feelings, all the sappy stuff fully recoverable,
Falling in love is so easy, the simplest thing to do when one wants to,
Makes it easier to throw it away, no lingering ghost haunts you,
She said it hurts, I said too bad,
Just snippets of the cliché motions we’ve all had,
Do I regret it? Do I care enough to regret it? Would I regret not regretting it?
Pretending the parts: if it starts out a façade, can it end genuinely?
Love and non-love, drawn together by a felt tip chiseled so finely,
Has nothing to do with being classy, with being aristocratic,
Has to do with a lack of decency, intelligence, and worth – all being automatic,
Each experience, each love, each one so meaningful, each one such a joke,
What am I passing up? Destroying? Losing by going for broke?
Losing you? Losing us? Losing future pain, future painlessness?
Losing possibilities, gaining possibilities once amiss,
Lose what I built, lose the harness on all that might happen,
Lose the bubble that nourishes, lose the bubble I feel trapped in…

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