i do nothing but complain, everything sickens me,
everything, it all thickens me,
calloused, yet the calluses hurt,
when it's all said and done, we're dirt,
i'm dirt,
i'm dirty, dirtritus, dirtalomanic,
i want to kill all of the children in my scrota-ball-sack,
really now, the life i live takes up space,
i take it all up, without any grace,
i hate my job, i hate traffic, i hate my coping skills,
i hate to hate, meta hate, snort hate through 100 dollar bills,
i hate the last word of the next line, i hate beautiful girls with huge racks,
i hate rhyming, i probably hate you, i hate me to the max,
i left the screen door open, i hate the gnat flying in front of my computer,
IQ under 100? it's you whom we need to neuter,
all beauty is only interpretation deep,
free wills are wolves, humans are sheep...

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