Poke Holes

my name is nobody cares, i hate the sunlight with a passion,
i complain about everything, lie like it's truth i need to ration,
honest only when i'm upset, calm down and it's back to status quo,
back to pretending like i love you, pretending like you know,
i hate her most of the time, i hate myself without interruption,
wasted effort, thinking about a sentence ending with the word corruption,
i create this garbage, i forgot how to convince myself others care,
i fail fending off life, blindsides me daily, eyes closed as i sit and stare,
i play with kids half my age, i play mind games as if i were half my age,
meaningful? years of experience indicate my penis is the best gauge,
get by and die, get through it, either way we all get through it,
i preach love, then think to myself: why doesn't the shoe fit,
the cup is empty, and you're still tying to convince me it's half full,
i push away, but my lassitude: back to you it increases the pull,
a successful life: make money, use it to make more and run away,
money for kindness, money for disillusionment, money for hair not grey,
as worthless as the next, as everyone tells us: as valuable as the next,
the young and happy, ignorance means never having to be perplexed...

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