Mail Bombs

Searching for who knows what, artfully dodging laser beams,
Mental faculties sharp, sharper than what a razor seems,
That’s what I tell myself, supine, staring contest with the overhead fan,
Luck dashes away, prances out of my grip, a 4 leafless clover dead man,
Crack books open, the dust speaks to me,
Aged wisdom, time steals weeks from me,
Possible lovers peck at a heart made of bird prey,
Is life rhetoric, meaningless if even the greatest wordplay,
When happiness crashes, is love our seat belt,
Does it burn, the memories of how self-defeat felt,
Love complicates, love is a tool, love is an axe,
It leads into the forest, erasing all previous tracks,
If you’ve managed to be happy, you’ve somehow succeeded,
Hope is a hairline, time pushes back what has already much too receded,
Take refuge in thoughts, recreated or not matters little,
I swish decisions in my mouth, right and wrong encased droplets of spittle,
The more time ticks, the more supposed gravity each situation inherits,
As if time was the giver of meaning, as if time could turn carrots into carats,
Easy to love when one has to choose yes or no, rather than her or her, love poem or love song,
The more options, the more difficult, the less right looks right, the less wrong looks wrong,
Eyes feast on the media, brains absorb the results,
Why go back to real life, where prominent are all the faults,
Friends, true or not, regardless lest we tell ourselves the latter,
Ironically, the non-existent is the only thing that can really matter…

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