It’s your favorite food: the appetizer, salad, main dish and dessert,
Ah it feels wonderful, yet then it can really hurt,
It’s the objective, it’s operationally defined,
People it will tear apart, people it will forever bind,
It takes place on mountain tops, takes place in the deepest of valleys,
It’s a double fault, then the greatest of rallies,
It gets old, it needs to be laundered,
Perseverated on, not enough pondered,
Because of nature? Or was it nurtured by the media,
It’s a transaction, there’s middle men like expedia,
It quells drama, it incites histrionics,
It breaks, like most electronics,
Ah it feels wonderful, and this justifies such irrationality,
Growing through spontaneity, dying through formality,
When you don’t have it, you want it the most,
When you have it, it turns to stale toast,
Ah, day dreaming,
Milk and cookieing, strawberries and creaming…

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