What Is Worth Thinking About

What Is Worth Thinking About
It’s always greener on the other side, not having it adds to its desirability,
Lacking engenders subsequent need, appreciation: not a hard-wire capability,
My life lacks meaning, I resort to caring about the trivial,
The petty histrionics of the lonely, the petty histrionics of the convivial,
The pettiness of nobodies, of us, of them, of celebrities,
Of looking at stark pain, simple concepts, as elaborate intricacies,
I go through the motions as the motions return the favor,
Sex exculpates ennui, ignorance assists affliction, a new female, a new flavor,
And we must admit, regardless of the aftertaste it prettily whets the palette,
In these circumstances I try to vote for god, unfortunately it’s not on the ballot,
Admittedly, I needed to confirm the definition of ‘convivial,’ a slice of resolution I enjoyed,
I’m left thinking, wanting sex, consciously careless of consequences, noticing the void,
Each other is all we have, the rest of life is clothing,
I need more each others, one or two can quell the loathing,
Religion is like any other sales pitch: if it sounds too good to be true it probably is,
Like immortality, like knowing the big answers, like a Coke that never loses fizz,
What an apophthegm! Unbiased with a neutral pH, right in the middle,
The big questions are a ruse: choosing to focus upon them or not is the real riddle,
After it’s all said and done, I’m left with less time, the same questions each less an answer,
So we are the hardwood floor, and life is the beautiful dancer,
I desire connections I fail to achieve, I fail finding happiness amongst education and the educated,
My lasciviousness base? No, it’s the only passion yet to be inundated,
I traded time for this poem, might as well have slept, might as well have made friends with MRSA,
I reach out to god, but never vice versa….

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