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Dear Raj,

I haven't written a poem in about 6 months or longer. I wrote this with you in mind. Some of what I wrote made sense, then it didn't. Some of what I wrote didn't make sense, then it did. All of what I wrote entered and exited my mind through a conscious lack of filters. I don't have the money to buy you a wonderful gift, but my hope is that this work might provide you with at least a modicum of amusement/distraction/thought.

it's december, the time is similar to now, what's a disaster?
a wisdom in the lack thereof, a life moves slower, moves faster,
think of the memories, the memories remember me, messages lost in translation,
strive for more or be happy with what you have, the same tenebrific tessellation,
strive for different meanings, distract ourselves with different dreams,
drive lurching cars, sway, closed eyes turn on the high-beams,
crumbling tear plops, crumpling fear crackles and pops,
instruments in trying to figure it all out, sucking sweetly on lolliprops,
look up there, a greater meaning inside each crackgripe,
god and vegetables, here is love in every star and stripe,
little truisms simplify it, little good luck charmed rabbit,
make the answers, stick your paws out and grab it,
plan for tomorrow, we'll be 80 in just a few days,
i scratched my head, the atmosphere splashed grays,
a slip of the lung, i didn't mean what i breathed out,
listen to my words instead, i know nothing of what it's about,
envious of the enviable, jealous of the gelable,
no the unknowable, like death-like un-quellable,
i'm so dizzy, the world spins me a merry go round,
drifting, lost in a sea of people who think they've found...
what it's all about, what footprints will be left in 200 years,
lack friends, lackluster lovers, a myriad of pointless peers,
i'm losing distractions, brain waves pulsate painful contractions,
silly actions, the bigger picture like multiplying slivers of fractions,
every missed encounter creates a non-existent, profound lack of change,
a few measures of time, still here, vicarious successes i strive to arrange,
an anvil, look for someone weak enough to lift me through the soil,
my wandering confidence, a meandering plan to fail i never foil,
relationships come and go, we come and go, the days go and go,
i look up, see below.
i look at you, take the photowrath to preserve love abound,
i inhale, look to the future, life came but no one was around...

-Max Polasko

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