Teenage Girlfriend

Teenage Girlfriend
I received a text from you asking if there was anything you could do to make yourself more appealing to me,
I responded by saying there wasn’t, except wear less makeup because it only covers your immense beauty,
You didn’t send that text, I didn’t respond to you,
My ex girlfriend sent it, the response sent to her too,
You’re an adult, you randomly select between there, they’re and their,
Olive juices, apple juices, orange juices – either way I don’t really care,
A shame how possibilities allow us to project what probably won’t happen,
A meaningless relationship, one not even comfortable enough to nap in,
Through the motions, through the hula hoops, barely entertaining,
I keep at it, even to me – to my future - this farrago not pertaining,
This façade, at it we go, barely able to breathe above the water,
She’s another nobody, another teenager, another daughter,
Not a big deal, why do I care? Am I that bored? Am I ignorant to my resources?
Is it a waste of time? Is it time well spent? Am I controlled by unknown forces?
I admit: I receive some entertainment, create some entertaining emotion,
I do it all to myself though: I’m the hand, you’re the lotion,
What do I do? Don’t want to leave, don’t want to rekindle the past,
Lost at sea: I’m the sinking boat, you’re the broken mast,
Hello world, how do I meet you since only magic turns profiles alive,
I’m the viewer, you’re the film, I’m the car, neither of us can drive…

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