Death Be Virile

instantly, without any preparation,
unsuspectingly, in a split second sent back to pre-creation,
age matters not, as long as you don't see it coming,
knowing it's imminent, no shock more joltingly numbing,
i live in fear of such a fear, living out worst case scenarios,
death with pain, the most frightening of all scary foes,
to live afraid, or to die afraid, which is worse?
to play this song to the end, or cut it off mid verse?
heaven on earth, to live without worry,
to relax, and not incessantly hurry,
if the end of life is near, i'd rather sprint towards it than fail to crawl away,
at the point where a decent nights sleep, feels like a rare holiday,
where fear is the tide, where life is a sand castle,
with each new day, with the same bland hassle,
wonderful friends, wonderful memories, wonderful dreams,
then i awoke: sadness oceans, happiness streams...

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