10 Minutes

10 minutes, from 9:40 to 9:50, here we go.

i haven't slept for two nights, extremely over-tired, unable to fall asleep,
keep beckoning for rest, keep getting 'leave a message after the beep,
that took three minutes, i re-read it, it barely gets the point across,
never fully awake, never fully asleep, always in between like floss,
there's another minute we can never get back, time so scathing,
life used me up, drained and dirty despite my daily bathing,
i need drugs, i need to be able to function, i need pure help,
i wish i could cry, feel slightly better, aimlessly floating like kelp,
i haven't felt normal in about three months, things are already breaking,
desperation realizes it, realizes i'm a sitting duck, there for the taking,
two minutes left, this is the time of my life, literally it's ticking away,
my battle with sleeplessness near, i beg to go, but will most likely stay...

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