I Love Rap

hi, im 18 years old and i just popped out a baby,
do i contribute to society? no, not even a maybe,
i'll pretend to know about life and love, i'm amused by this game,
i'm really this dumb, if you look gangster i'll spread with no shame,
i adhere to societal norms created by the rap music i idolize,
highly planned myspace poses, none of this my parents realize,
you act like there's an innocent, cute, intellectual person underneath it all,
this isn't a front or a facade, believing i'm so much more than a booty call,
i'm a waste of space, i live off government freebies and entitlement programs,
my family's ignorance flows freely, like swift rivers boasting of no dams,
i don't matter, but my body does to those whom can't get, or don't want, better,
i believe i'm unique, guys say i'm special, i text - never an email, never a letter,
i'm desired by scum, but i see them as strong, independent, revolutionary rebels,
they're cool, traveling in packs, falsely claiming their brains are larger than pebbles,
logic consists of ad baculum, they idolize anyone with mainstream thug appeal,
love saying the word nigga, love graffiti, love threatening snitches that squeal,
IQ tests are garbage, everyone believes i'm street smart, i have street cred,
i don't understand that street smarts is an euphemism, for an intellect long dead,
i have disturbing image tattoos, i like guns, i like bad boy stuff like this,
i live next door to you, i live down the street, i'm ubiquitous...

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