This 30 Seconds Of Life

we, the worst type of creature, can operate above the reflex,

the thrill of free will, ending abruptly like deadly car wrecks,

all the meaning of life, swimming inside my bowl of soggy Cheerios,

you want explanations, i get them studying Vonnegut's 'so it goes,'

funerals, family reunions, holidays,

death is black, life is a darkening of greys,

we interrogate the alive, we interrogate the dead,

we interrogate the fictitious beings in the sky, in our head,

they either say the stuff we want to hear, or they don't

neither option comforting, believing in delusions i won't,

only in blank are we not pain stricken,

running around like a head with no chicken,

sleep it off, valuable life lessons manifest like the presence of god,

we have a greater calling, says the sweet wisdom of a fraud,

why do we have to be aware of it, just read the obituaries,

everyone's last breath, fruitless like a lack of citruses and berries...













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