i fear death, i fear the power it invariably possesses,
i fear the lack of me, the love my heart rarely addresses,
i fear the immorality within, the soul sensing desperation,
i fear tear ducts working overtime, bursting with perspiration,
sometimes, making the best out of a situation falls far short of happiness,
sometimes, reality can shatter dreams but not vice versa - thus the trap be this,
improper english, doesn't matter because i made the words rhyme,
as if stringing together these sentences, i was able to stretch out time,
able to take it back, fast forward it, and maybe feel a bit better,
i can't, like controlling the bladder of an incessant bed wetter,
i'm so weak and feeble, scared and frightened,
from the darkness of time, no one can be brightened,
each tick of the clock, each unsavory morsel of depletion,
each tock of the watch, each disgusting step towards completion...

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